New light system
Times : 2020-08-21 Source : smart star

DELAND, Fla. —The owner of a restaurant in DeLand is hoping a recent renovation makes his customers more comfortable dining out in light of the pandemic.

Brian's Bar-B-Q redid its lighting, installing a system that kills germs through ultraviolet light technology.

“No one even imagined that that would happen -- that the restaurants would shut down,” Brian Hall said.

Brian's Bar-B-Q, like so many others, was closed during the height of the pandemic with staff having to be laid off.

When the restaurant reopened, seating was limited and partitions were put up.

That's all gone but the COVID-19 impact lingers for diners, so Hall installed what's called a germicidal ultraviolet lighting system to sanitize the air.

“It renders bacteria, viruses, funguses, mold -- different things inactive, including COVID,” Hall said.

Hall said the new system continually pulls the air through the light fixtures' ultraviolet chambers, breaking down potentially threatening organisms. Though it's only been up and running a few weeks, Hall said customers have told him they've noticed the difference.

Hall said he installed the system after seeing a demonstration at a Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association event. Though it's more expensive than standard LED lighting, Hall said it makes his customers more confident.

Hall said he doesn't know how many other local businesses may have this same disinfection technology, but because of the ongoing pandemic threat, he suspects it will soon become industry standard.

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